NZXT's "Hue" LED Controller Offers Custom Case Lighting with Minimum Fuss



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Definitely want this. Looks much more user friendly(and wallet friendly) than corsair link. Not that I have anything against corsair, because I love them. This just looks so much more accessible.


John Pombrio

I have the NZXT sleeved white LED kit in my Corsiar White Graphite 600T which comes with white lit LED fans. It makes the interior pop. Blends in, easy to install, and looks great.
I never did go for anything flashing, chasing, or fading lights. It becomes a distraction, even on XMas trees.



Nice. I have that same case except it's the dark grey version. I'm definitely thinking about this. My biggest issue with the default fans is that I can't turn off the LED's. My PC is in my bedroom and if I want to leave the PC on churning through something like video, I can't because the lights will keep me up. I love how they look during the day, but want them off at night.



Would there be a way to make this react to music?



Has anyone found were to buy it? I don't see it in NZXT's store. I did a general search on google and all I get are press releases and reviews.


John Pombrio

No luck either. Keep an eye out on their store, looks like the first place it will be. Amazon carries a lot of NZXT stuff too.



You know, this could actually be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks Brad, soon as I begin my modding adventure, this is going in for sure.


Brad Chacos

I thought it was pretty nifty, too.



i wish the nobs would recess though like old bose car stereo nobs, so they sit flush when not being tinkered with - i have a kaze flat as my only bay item, and adding a light controller with the nobs sticking out would keep my sys from sitting flush against my desk

are there any software & hardware solutions for lights and fans that are sorta all in one - like the alienware setups?

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