NZXT Releases Funky-Looking Chassis for Gamers on a Budget



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I've done some research and found a website that is currently selling the case!

Here is the direct link:


They also have the new Lexa S and Beta EVO NZXT cases on their site. As a customer, I can vouch for them that they are a very reliable company. They are located in California, so shipping will be quicker for Californians.

However, remember that these are new cases and NZXT are just receiving the actual cases, so it may take a day or two extra for you to receive the case. I just ordered mine today. I didn't like the look of the M59 at first but now its starting to grow on me. 



How are SSD drive bays different from 3.5 bays? Are they longer, thinner, etc?



Since SSDs do not require bulky platters they fit in a relatively small form factor. Because of this most SSD manufacturers have decided to package their drives in a 2.5" notebook hard drive form factor instead of the traditional 3.5" desktop form. Also a few manufacturers such as intel also make a 1.8" version. Basically alot of new cases are comming with one or two 2.5" bays so that you don't need an adapter to install your SSD drives.



I prefer the $40 ones from Cooler Master. I don't like the smashed in design, looks odd haha.



I kinda like the shape...It's....Modern...

Anyways, a case for gamers that only $60? Sign me up!!! 



the case looks unintentionally warped. if i wanted to get a case with a funky front panel, i would play a laggy game for 5 minutes, then beat the crap out of my case, for free.



Is there any catch to the low cost? If not, i'd love to get it.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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