NZXT Builds a "Bunker" for Your Pricey Peripherals



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If I really wanted to steal a keyboard (and who would?) I would just cut the cable. I have a ton of USB conectors at my house, as well as a soldering iron, so it wouldnt matter in the slightest.



Between my G15, RAT7, and 360 for PC controller, I've got an easy 150.00 worth of peripherals sticking out of my computer - peripherals my toddlers just LOVE to disengage from their rightful place whenever I'm not around.  

As for the workplace, we still deal with applications that require USB dongles on the license 'server' - an old XP box languishing in the corner.  It's always bugged me that these things stick out, waiting for a cable or something to latch ahold of them and snap off the dongle.  This little cage is perfect for stowage.  Great idea!



Not a bad idea, but who the hell plugs their keyboard and mouse into the front of their system? The only thing this kind of makes sense for is USB hard drives, which the USB cable unplugs from the hard drive anyways.



Who would want to steal a keyboard or mouse (mine are only worth about $40)? Of any USB devices that someone should be worried about, it would be flash drives that contain irreplaceable or private information, or a device that is several hundred dollars, such as a camcorder. Besides, this gizmo looks to be made of plastic. A screwdriver could easily defeat this. This is more for people who live in crime-ridden areas or people who are overly paranoid about their $10 mouse walking out the door.

Besides, it's the more expensive or valuable devices, such as an iPod/iPhone, camcorders/cameras, printers, whatever, that have DETACHABLE cables!

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