NZXT Announces Source 210 Gaming Case for Cheapskate Gamers



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The R3 looks to be a better case but it's about twice the price at NewEgg.



I may have found my next case. I'm into simplicity and clean lines and this case is pretty much that in a nut shell. KOMMANDER



Rather get the R3 than this case, which is another blatant rip-off by NZXT after the H2. This looks so much like the R3 again, just without a door. The R3 is a higher-quality, sound dampened case with very nice touches everywhere. For just about 90 bucks.



Not to say NZXT isn't rubbish (they are, even the Plastic, I mean Phantom), but Fractal itself didn't exactly invent the look. Antec had the P18x/P19x line and they are eerily similar and so are some Lian Li cases. Still, it is apparent after how popular the R3 became that it is what NZXT is trying to emulate, if horribly.

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