NY Time's R&D Lab Brings Voice-Activated Computing To The Bathroom Mirror



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If I can't read it while sitting on the can then it doesn't serve a purpose to me.   My mirror is over my sink, not opposite the can. 



This is just a recipie for more annoying teenager's "mirror shots" of themselves...


Holly Golightly

My goodness, I do not stay on the can for that long, no matter what I am doing. By 2 minutes I would start to feel uncomfortable and would rather leave. By then, that computerized mirror is still loading, I would be done. I do not see much of a purpose to this, to be honest with you. Not to mention, think about the price. It is just not realistic for 2 minutes... I can imagine this being a smash hit in Japan. But other than the ability to keep track of my shampoos, soaps and clothing, I do not see much of a purpose of this computer anywhere else. Plus, I never dropped my phone on the can. Most of the time I just leave it on my purse... So basically, it serves no purpose for me. Maybe for some dudes who read chapters worth of books or whatever. I really don't know. But for now, I will call it, the world's most useless invention.



I thought something like this would be on MaximumTech?

Either way, webcams and toilets make fo an interesting mix.



Japan has it covered.

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