NVision: Larrabee to Run Like Its 2006



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I think they may be underselling the performance of the upcoming Larrabee. I mean I bet they are producing such product to reduce their costs of production, especially to those laptops and desktops that are running integrated graphics, that way the graphics channeling is managed through the CPU socket instead of where the integrated graphics usually are, that way they can make more changes to the GPU core without having to reengineer the layout of a motherboard to get it to work.

That's my guess but I never read the original article. If they're trying to compete with nVidia on this, I think they're misguided. Graphics is nVidia's specialty. They may bring in a slight bit more market share for integrated graphics, but I just don't see it being a big deal. Personally I feel AMD's resources could give it a different, and much more effective take on this. We'll just have to see I suppose.



"Will they really release a video solution that will perform so under par with contemporary GPUs? I find that hard to believe"

Right...cuz Intel has certainly never done THAT before *ahem*
I find it Extremely hard to swallow that you find it hard to believe they wouldn't do that.  Again.


This nVidia v. Intel pissing match is more fun than daytime television...  Jerry Springer gone tech, I swear...


Intel's not stupid enough to release a part in 2010 that performs like 2006 mainstream GPU.  Is it going to spank the pants off 2010 mainstream parts?  I genuinly doubt that, though Intel would love us to believe it.


As is typical of these silly little marketing feuds, the reality is going to lie somewhere between the two sides of the story.  These two JH girls aren't going to make concessions on either side, so we'll just have to wait and see for a while, I think.


Keith E. Whisman

Since Nvidia really knows dick about how Larabee will perform until it's released I think people should just shut up until hardware and drivers are released.

Really what is Nvidia afraid of? Why not just wait. There is no hardware available. Why talk crap about something that does'nt even exsist yet. Good god. People just grow up.

If anything Nvidia needs to worry about what AMD/ATI is doing rather than Intel.

Nvidia this is just a stupid war your having with Intel.

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