Nvidia's New GeForce Drivers Bring PhysX Optimizations to Mirror's Edge



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What about the NVidia scaling with fixed-aspect ratio which no longer works, causing all older games to stretch across the screen? I had to go back to an older 178.13 driver I had archived somewhere. (Fresh OS install, couldn't rollback; and yeah, I still like to play Starcraft, what about it? lol)



Nice job Nvidia. . but what about those on Windows 7?  Can't we get a nice warm dose of PhysX for Mirror's Edge?



Does it still cause the game to crash repeatedly at various points like the last official update?



I am using 2 GTX 260s in SLI right now and upgraded to the new drivers yesterday, but a question I have been wanting to ask is, if I have Physx and SLI enabled, will it try to dedicate one of the cards to Physx or have the second card processing Physx ans Video?  I mainly need to know so I can know what to have my settings at for Far Cry 2 and Crysis for max framerates



If you have PhysX AND SLI turned on, both cards will process PhysX. The only way to assign PhysX to a particular card is to turn SLI off, and assign it in the nVidia CP.




I believe the in with NVIDIA cards enabling the Physx is justanother application that the card handles and having two cards would simply mean that both cards would share the physx loads.  From what I read, enabling physx will impair performance a little but not enough to really be noticeable and the effects are well worth losing a few frames here and there.  You can always turn it off in the control panel.  

I do remember something about ATI is developing a physx solution that would use a second or third card only for physx acceleration but I am not sure anymore.  Its been a while since I read anything about that.

I could be wrong on this so if anyone knows more than I please correct me.


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