Nvidia's May Launch GeForce 700 Series GPUs at Computex 2013



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Since they will be using the same process as the 6xx series, what exactly did they leave on the table for the next generation? The 680 is biased for float singles (for graphics) while the Titan is biased for doubles (for super computing) so I doubt they can pick up anything there.

While there's always room to improve a device (engineer's definition of working: too few functions) you have to wonder if its worth the cost (AMD claims not, but AMD wouldn't have the money anyway).



Considering all consoles will be rocking AMD gpus and after the Nvidia issues with Tomb Raider, Farcry3 and Crysis3, I mean 13.2 AMD drivers have been really good, and I'm wondering if Nvidia is gonna be the smart choice from now on. I'm still rocking a gtx 480, but lately my buddy with his 7950 has been encountering a lot less driver bugs in new AMD releases while I've had to wait for Nvidia to play catch up.



If it's true then it's more then welcome, but I doubt it'll really happen, remember when nvidia faked fermi boards last time when it wasn't ready?



With GPU's arguably too powerful now, (hard to justify upgrading) AMD is definitely taking the right direction with these Never Settle bundles. Solid performing GPUs paired with great games? What's not to like?



triple AAA titles you say?
so, that would be AAAAAAAAA titles. If they are handing out those kinds of game i may switch. Jesus.



Looks like Mr. Lilly got a letter from the Department of Redundancy Department.



To be fair, he could mean 3 triple A titles. Though, it does kind of remind me of college. There was a campus building that everyone called the "PAC Center." Except, PAC stood for Perform Arts Center. So, people were calling it the Performing Arts Center Center.

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