Nvidia's GTX 480M Will Beat Up Your Mobile Graphics, Steal Your Lunch Money



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This is dumb in my opinion. nVidia graphics run hot and you want to stuff it into a form factor that can't breath? Just Dumb.



just like putting a 5870 in a laptop or sli 280m? Because it's not dumb if you travel a lot but don;t use it while you are travelling. As in going to multiple lan parties every week. Or going to a friends house to use his better internet.


Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



I still think it is dumb. If I want a laptop, I want it to be portable, but I also do not want to burn myself. If I have to use drastic measures to ensure that I don't burn something, it is dumb in my opinion.



Watt-hour for watt-hour, I think ATI still wins with their better efficiency. The "world's fastest" title comes at a cost.

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