Nvidia Will Be Ready for Bloomfield- But No Native Chipset



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Oh okay, now I get it, thanks.  



bloomfield is to nehalem as yorkfield is to penryn

I believe what the author is saying is that Nvidia will not (at least initially) be making an nForce chipset for nehalem, nor will it be enabling SLI directly on Intel chipsets. What it will do is put out a special chip that can be added to an Intel chipset motherboard that will enable SLI

Edit: I can't believe this press release from nvidia is almost two weeks old and I haven't seen anything about this anywhere. This is major news. Here's a link to nvidia's press release since this author didn't link any sources: http://www.nvidia.com/object/io_1216019719164.html



"...author didn't link any sources..." This gota add in as a rule MPC. Also this author from the way he wrote didn't seem to know what the news was really about either. Refrences needed to be added in.



Sorry if I wasn't more clear. The source was an email exchange between Bryan Del Rizzo and myself. We do try to point to sources. I did not reference the link austin points to. I just glanced over the link, and its no wonder the intent was missed, it really dances around the real story, which is there will be no Native IPQ from Nvidia for Bloomfield.



So I dont understand, nvidia is making their own processors and you have to use them to get SLI on the X58 boards?

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