Nvidia Tells Partners, "Our Old Mobile GPUs Bad, Buy Our New GPUs Instead"



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i have a compaq F750US /w a geforce 7150m / nforce 610...

usually... i swear by nvidia ... they are the way its meant to be played right?


i experience lockups when watching movies, and occassionally when gaming.


i have yet to find a solution for this lockup problem, which just sort of developed over time on its own.


i have had external cooling applied with no effect (ice cold over the board but still locked??), i have swapped drivers from the ONLY compaq driver there is to various nvidia drivers. 


im fairly high speed when it comes to troubleshooting things like this, if anyone has an idea on how i can sucessfully proceed pleas elet me know :D 



What does this mean for me? What if I want mine replaced and my manufacturer refuses, as many others might who have 8xxxx and 9xxx cards that is affected. A litte bit late on repairing such an error...i can't believe it took this long to fix actully. The 8600m has been out for how long now? Minimum of a year i'm sure, probably more. This definately hurt their reputation.

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