Nvidia Still Showing Interest in Netbooks, Could be Just What the Market Needs



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Lol I fucking hate laptops



I want it to be able to surf the web (wireless) and have a decent internet wireless LAN speed  but NOT for 400-500 dollars...I want a 150 dollar version...to take in the "reading room"  :)

I dont see ANY point in this iteration 500 dollars for any comp that cant run at least a single player game.

I don't care one hoot if it runs photoshop or movie maker  etc....I want portable wireless web access and thats it....and I don't want it on my phone.  I want my cell phone to make phone calls and have voicemail...thats it....anything else is a waste.

I think in a few years the market will blend the two into a slightly larger cell phone that WOULD be useful for surfing but small and cheap enough for the masses.  Maybe call it reese's  :D(Two great tastes that go great together)

Currently cell phones are too small and net books too expensive.....when you mix the two...THEN I think you'll have a winner.  To be honest the thought of half the world driving down the road surfing on their phone...well...it's just stupid!  By the same token....a netbook that can ONLY surf shouldn't cost 400-500 dollars.





One reason I don't understand the mini netbook market is because cell phones have already beat them too it.

My Cingular 8125 I've had for a couple years now and it does everything a mini netbook does. It has internet, e-mail, decent connection speed, blue tooth, wifi and it even had mircosoft office and media player. It also had a touch screen and a microSD card slot and yes, it made phone calls.

I took that phone all over the world and it never failed me. Now i see all these mini's out and i think what's the point? I already have that in my phone. I just don't see the mini market lasting.



I can't see Nvidia even taking a chance in the mini-netbook market. The whole concept behind a mini is to cut the fat and get down to the basics: wireless internet, long battery life, small/light enough to throw in a backpack and cheap. Better graphics just isn't what a customer is looking for in a mini. Nvidia will just sway customers to buy from a competitor because of the added price tag.


Number Six

A whole new markete of products NVIDIA can cause to fail due to sloppy manufacturing.


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