Nvidia Shows Off Interactive Ray Tracing Demo



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The first Need for Speed?  Are you kidding? http://images.techtree.com/ttimages/story/87812_nfs1.jpg

Ray tracing will *eventually* provide a much more realistic looking game world.  Once the technology is there, it will be easy to extend the ray tracing to multiple bounces and provide really nice effects in all kinds of environments.   I am certainly looking forward to this tech, and I think it will be viable in 5 years give or take.



ok the second.......that pic looks nothing close to real. I expect they have a long way to go. I'm not betting my change jar on it.



Yeah, and? Looks like a pic of the FIRST need for speed. What's special about it? From that pic....NOTHING. It's nothing more that a new marketing ploy by Intel and Nvidia to get you to be phsyched about their products. It will fade in the direction of DX 10.1 and most developers won't implement it. OR, unless, as history and current business practices haved curtailed, Intel will pay off certain vendors (hardware and software alike), to use only their code/hardware for their own gain. It's not that intel is better, It's who they can pay off more (in kickbacks) to advertise Intel products for free!!!! Maybe with every purchase of a Atom cpu, a ray tracing gpu, and/or ray traced coded software, you'll get a free copy of 3Dmark06! And watch your score miraculously triple! I will jump right on Intel/nvidia bandwagon.......NOT!!!


Keith E. Whisman

What are you talking about? Larabee is a ray tracing based GPU. It's going to be ultra powerful I hope. That's what Intel has been screaming about anyway.  And Intel is supposedly close to releasing their video cards based on Larabee. Perhaps you were referring to having to wait a long time for Nvidia to release a GPU that accelerates Ray tracing capabilities?



Do some more reading. Larrabee will (supposedly) be whatever kind of GPU game developers want to make it. It will virtualize the GPU hardware so it can be programmed to be a rasterizer or a raytracer. And its not expected to debut until late 2009 or 2010.

No disrespect to MPC, but follow this link if you want some in depth info regarding Larrabee.




Intel’s original Ray tracing simulations were done using the CPU alone. They only used the graphics card to send the image to the monitor. Larabee will feature Ray Tracing yes, but live silicon isn’t being actively being demonstrated yet, and certainly not with interactive demos. I think of it as more like a CPU on an external card that is dedicated to graphics. Intel believes graphics and ray tracing should be handled using traditional CPU  X86 instruction sets while Nvidia’s interactive demonstration was done with it’s custom graphics oriented instruction set. Larabee is a tech demo, and not yet available. Nvidia’s demonstration featured hardware that is ready for market already and was meant to show that the traditional approach for GPU’s is still superior.  

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