Nvidia Shares Fall After Analyst Says Company is Leaving Chipset Business



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I agree, this is good news.


After all, it should be an open segment.  Crossfire or SLI should be available to every board, and every chipset that wants to implement the schemes.


A person should not be penalized because they only prefer Intel, ATI, ViA... chipsets.


After all, SLI rocked back with the Voodoo 2 and Glide API...  It is difficult to impossible to get the same results with todays 3D apps.



Uhm...so what? Unless you're concerned about the future of SLI (I couldn't care less myself) I don't see how it's a bad thing for Nvidia's core business that they might stop making mobo chipsets.




If for nothing else, the competition benefits enthusiasts who right now can pick up a high performing board from either camp (Nvidia or Intel) for under $200. Nvidia chipsets were also key in helping AMD build a following back in the Barton days, as a high end nForce chipset (think Asus A7N8X Deluxe or Abit NF7-S) was ultra affordable compared to pairing a pricey Intel processor with an equally pricey Intel motherboard.



So will this mean i can run dual ATI and Nvidia GPUs on an Intel chipset in the near future?



First their QA drops the ball on a mess load of bad chips and now this? They need to chop some corporate heads! Whomever is running this company into the ground has got to go!

...Goodbye for now nvidia, I'll see you again when you get your act straight.

 meanwhile, HELLO ATI! 




Die the death of a thousand cuts Nvidia

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