Nvidia Rolls Out Special Edition GTX 560 Ti With 448 Cores



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Considering you can find a GTX 570 at about 300 to 330$ this new 560ti doesn't seem like a good idea to a value minded person.



What about 4-way SLI?  I think 570's do that, too.



Interesting. I just bought the MSI N560GTX-Ti version with 2GB RAM. Not sure if having more on-board ram is better, or if more cores is better (pretty sure its the latter). Either way, too late for me. I would get knocked out by my better half if I asked to sell mine to get this one instead.



I don't know off hand, but more RAM is probably better in this case. I am guessing that since the extra cores likely only provide a slight boost to speed.  It looks like the only real "advantage" is that you can hook three of them together.  But anyone that is going to do that had better buy all three of them now, since it is unlikely they will be able to find them later if they changed their mind.  And don't forget to check the PSU, since these probably take the same 2 x 6 pin power as the standard version. (At least the MSI ones do, I odn't know about the others.)


I also recently bought a pair of those same MSI N560GTx Ti cards.  I was supposed to get a free copy of the new Batman game, but didn't.  :(  Anyone know how I might be able to pull that off, now that the promotion has been extended?



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