Nvidia Rolls Out the GeForce 100M Series



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Are you guys blind? These are just re-badged 9 series laptop chips mixed in with the poorly engineered and broken 8 series chips they're pushing out to market anyways. These aren't new. These aren't GTX200 derivatives, they're from the old architecture. Smarten up or you'll get suckered by Nvidia, again.

They're going to do the same thing with the 9 series desktop chips. First they were 8800GT's, then they were renamed to 9800GT's and now they'll be GTX100 series desktop chips.

I've always owned Nvidia products (still rocking my 680i and 8800GTX) but since AMD\ATI came to challenge them they have been exposed as anti-consumer. All corporations are out to make as much money as possible but they have taken deceit to a whole new level.

I wonder how many Nvidia fanboy's have bought the same card two or three times?




Even though it doesn't pertain to me, this is cool. I would rather have an update to the desktop graphics, and not just the GTX 295. They need a breakthrough...I am starting to feel like alot of companies are now just adding on, not renewing what they have. 1 Card SLi is the only thing I see. Get some R&D into new tech.



Hopefully some netbooks will be outfitted with some of the GeForce 100M series; with dual-core atoms. Hopefully!

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