Nvidia Reportedly Postpones Dual-GPU Videocard



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anyone else notice the double wide sli connection up there?  that has to be a fake picture, unless they are planning for driver releases that support 3 way sli on dual gpu cards



"No, this really long card isn't an actual prototype, just a quick and dirty mockup."


I was about to say, looks like 3dfx was returning. 




So they're waiting on AMD to see what the 6990's like.  Suppose, then, that AMD decides to wait on Nvidia to see what the 580 is like?

Just release the damn thing and tweak it after you get your butts kicked!  If you've got it, release it.  If both parties played like this then we, the all important consumer, won't get to give them the cheddar they're fighting over.

Quit with the shenanigans and flip the switch!



Releasing a video card shortly after the competitor as a means to regain the crown is not worthwhile because...

  • It still makes you look weak
  • It royally ticks off everyone else who bought the original card
  • If you announce too early, nobody will buy the original card anyway, announce to late, and you're stuck with the previous point anyway.

Like I'm sure a lot of people were upset with NVIDIA when they released the GeForce GTX 260 Core 216, which was released two months after the original. And NVIDIA already lost a lot of ground to the HD 5000 series. They need to play it safer now.



The 580 already is out...



Ooops, my bad...590/595...

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