Nvidia Releases OpenCL Driver, SDK



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Keith E. Whisman

Way to go Will they listened to you. You go girl.



It's my understanding that OpenCL is a lower level language that interfaces more directly with the GPU and CUDA is a bit higher up.  The real issue is that parallelization of code is pretty tricky especaily with the complex memory allocation that has to happen on a smaller scale than with RAM on a CPU.  You can't currently take existing code in C or Fortran or whatever that has been parallelized with MPI and compile it for CUDA, which really kills the appeal for 90% of people.  At least in teh scientific community we are all waiting until there is a very solid foundation and standards before we try to port all of our code to a GPU.


digital demon

I've been wondering this since I first read Will's column: if CUDA is an architecture and OpenCL will run on top of it, then why kill CUDA? Aren't they going to work hand-in-hand?



...Processing powerhouses.

Imagine dual-GPU cards in Tri-SLI, with current cards already with multiple shader units, each unit, a separate, thread for programs!

Imagine video encoding with that!

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