Nvidia Releases New WHQL GeForce Driver 182.06, Left 4 Dead Performance Boost



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Keith E. Whisman

Hey on the driver download page I found a link to Graphics Plus™ Power Pack #2 seems pretty neat and a fairly sizable download at 4.4gb

Here is the link http://www.nvidia.com/content/graphicsplus/us/download.asp 

Anyone ever mess with this stuff and is it worth downloading?

Also I noticed that Nvidia has answered my question on PhysX acceleration. I can use my GTX280 for 3D work and one of my old 640MB 8800GTS video cards for PhysX acceleration. I'll reinstall one of my 8800's when I find a game that actually uses PhysX. 


digital demon

...and all of my benchmarks (except 3DMark06) were down. About to say screw benchmarks and just use games for testing.



these drivers will not install under windows 7...


comes back as this driver is not designed for this version of windows....


hope they get around to updating the win 7 drivers myself....

nice that they have them and all but a tweak or 2 wouldnt hurt ;)



 I too.........wonder how well these will work on windows seven?



I wonder if this will work in Win7, I was having problems with their newest drivers.



Where are you, AMD/ATI? Show us some love with performance boost. ;)

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