Nvidia Readying Ion Platform for Via CPUs



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I know Nvidia is working on their own x86 CPU, but to sell it they would have to figure a way to bypass many patents owned by Intel and AMD. Nvidia does not have the leverage with both companies in the CPU market to do so. Intel and AMD have cross license agreements in which their patents are used in each others designs. I wonder if this is a sign that Nvidia may be looking to get in good with Via and possibly buy them out to avoid the legal hoopla and sell their own x86 CPU's on the market. hmmm...



Way to go nVidia! Impressing VIA when it comes to "mini" platforms is something out of the oridnary, especially for a new comer to the market. Congrats and, keep on supporting open source platforms - it is the MAIN reason why I buy nVidia cards over ATi/AMD.


Keith E. Whisman

Hopefully they will start with the new and up coming dual core Nano that is alot faster than the Atom processor. But really is that something to brag about? If you can compete with Intel by out performing Intels crappy Atom processor with a processor that although faster is still slower than Intels crappy Celleron processor.

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