Nvidia Posts First-Quarter Loss, Reduces Inventory



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Keith E. Whisman

And yes all my future posts from now will lead somewhere to Star Trek. 



Live Long and Prosper. 


Keith E. Whisman

These are hard times for the consumer and supplier. The Consumer cannot afford much and the supplier has to predict how much product to produce to meet demand. If he over produces he will lose alot of money like nvidia has because they didn't sell enough to cover manufacturing costs and if he under produces he loses as well because then demand pickups and prices go up and the potential consumer will leave you for your competitor. 

Nvidia needs a crystal ball and needs to figure out exactly how much product to produce without making too much or too little but just enough and that is almost impossible.

I just hope that we don't see anymore companies go down the drain because I believe the economy is going to pickup now that Star Trek is in theaters and is Bad Ass as it is. Yes the latest Star Trek Movie is wonderful and J.J. Abrams should be the next Republican President of the United States. Heck he has my vote if he runs as a Democrat. 

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