Nvidia Pits the GTX 480 vs. Radeon 5870



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first, based on the benchmarks, fermi is not only 15% faster, it's GTX480 is atleast 20% faster. second, this card is not target to mainstream buyers, it's intended for people who must have the fastest/newest thing on the market where money is no object. they don't release anything under GTX 470, to force these people buy the $500+ stuff. kinda like how intel release the $1000 extreme line first, while the $600 CPU may overclock and perform almost the same released later on. just because the card isn't meant for you, doesn't mean it fail. this card not only took the performance crown for nvidia once again(by no small margin), this price will prob generate the maximum profit for nvidia anyways. a huge success for nvidia

 as for power hungry, if you are running a $700 card, should you really be running off cheap 30buck PSU? i run a 8800GTS G92 and i have 750W from corsair which i bought for only 70 dollars.

 as successful as it may be, the card is too expensive for me, so i will wait for the price war to start and grab which one give me the most bang for the buck.


on a side note, i think fermi refer to fermi energy in semi-conductors 



This card is only 20% faster than the 5870 in the tesselation benchmark provided by nVidia, not by outside sources. It is though roughly 5% faster in normal games provided today. Most developers haven't even implemented tesselation in thier games yet so it is actualy a mute point. I have an Ultra X3 850w, single rail unit @ 52amps, but I'm talking the mainstream using only a 500 and 600w units. Why should they have to upgrade? But look at nVidia's OWN benchmarks.....it's only faster in tesselation....price to performance as of right now? Fail.



Anyone knows where can I find that case.

It seems very easy to operate, with no metal that can make contacts.




The case is a Danger Den torture rack. Great for water cooling.



Maybe it's to lead the market in making fast chips, this will make "ignorant" people think that nVidia is the best chips out there, and it isn't.... Either ATI/nVidia are good, just depends on the series and the money you are paying :D





Keith E. Whisman

Sorry Nvidia it's only business it's not personal at all. I have to say that the Radeon 5870 is by far a much better buy when it comes to price and performance. I am admittedly an Nvidia fanboy but I don't buy blindly. I go for the highest performance possible but when the Radeon card is only slightly slower and costs considerably less then I have to award ATI/AMD. 

Nvidia you need to get back into the business of blowing your competition out of the water and this just isn't it. A New Nvidia card needs to be ridiculously faster than it's competition.   



I'll wait for the independent reviews and benchmarks. But if I had to choose right now, ATI is the better bang for the buck according to what I saw.

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Why aren't they testing this against ATI's latest card, the 5970????

That's ATI's latest, fastest card and is this cards real competition.

Looks like ATI is still winning this war and has better bang for their buck.

700$! woah. the 5970 is only 600$. And this card will perform less than the 5970.

Come on Nvidia...dissapointed. 



remember it is too early to tell which way this will lean. we are pretty much at a point similar to when the 8000 series cards came out and people were waiting on ati's 2000 series. 

Even if they don't necessarily win the top crown, nvidia should be fine. They have R&D in more than just this (otherwise this might have been out sooner).  Drivers tend to be better using nvidia cards, minus a couple of spots (early vista drivers). 

 I'm more curious on how this stacks to their current cards, how they do with parallel computing, and price.




the other day i did a simple google search for problems with nvidia drivers and in less than a second it came back with



threads on past and present problems..

 i'm sure ati has about the same give or take, so i say buy the card that works best for your needs and budget



The 5970 is a dual GPU card, and the the 480 is a single GPU card.  Throw a couple 480s in SLI and then it might be fair to compare, GPU to GPU.  That said, it looks like the one processor on the 480 is going to be as power hungry and hot as the two processors on the 5970.  I am sure we'll get to see the comparison you are talking about when our friends at Maximum PC get their hands on one :) 



And here in Canada, two 5970's is $1000 to $1200.


Its price vs performance. Would I pay $850 (CAD) for a single GTX 480, or $500 to $600 for a Dual GPU Graphics card? 

Thats a null arguement man, because fanboyism aside, 60 FPS solid, is fine for me, whomever its coming from, and if I can save myself $200 bucks, then your darn tootin' I'm gonna be doing that.

nVidia has a lot of interesting stuff, PhysX, 3D, jazz like that. But, I've seen a 9800GTX running alongside a 5870, and playing Mirror's Edge, so, its possible to have the PhysX and use it too.



The only reason you might even think about buying an Nvidia card is if games you wanna play are gonna utilize Physx. In those games Nvidia basically crippples all ATI cards for some reason. I really kind of hate NVidia for that. Why not allow ATI cards to render Physx? You scared?



I'm still waiting to see it take off in a meaningful way. I'm not convinced it will help them win the war in the long run.



This argument gets really tiring. Who cares, honestly, 5970 is 100$ cheaper and will be faster, that's all anyone is really gonna care about outside of a VERY VERY small niche market who has 4 grand to blow on GPU's. Even most avid gamers and enthusiast arn't gonna give a rats ass whether it's a 40 GPU system beating a single GPU, as long as it is consistent and cheaper, what difference does that make.

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