Nvidia to Optimize Drivers for VIA Nano Machines



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 Nvidia and AMD have been aquiring alot of hardware technologies and market analysts dont know what to make of it, sugesting that it is just bad for them, proping up the big WINner, INTEL. To give INTEL credit, they know alot of how to make a traditionial CPU and are the current leaders (in the x86 department), but AMD and Nvidia may be working on something else, that INTEL knows little about.. massively parallel processing, the kind that resides in your GPU. The typical GPU can process thousands, maybe millions of indivisual computations simultaneously, each in their own indivisual proccess, whereas a CPU core is mostly a serial device, each one only capable of maybe a few proccesses at a time (though the CPU core can cache many of them at a time and get back to them when it is convenient). Don't get me wrong, I AM NOT downing the CPU. The CPU's organized approach is what make executing software instructions possible. I compare the current model to a doctor's office with a head secretary being the operating system and the patients being the software. In the current model you could add more subordinate secretaries (system subprocceses) and more doctors (CPU cores), and things will not get much more efficient! Instead, if you add a verry large team team of nurses, medical specialists, physician assistants, what have you (parallel processeser), and maybe a good staff administrator (an embedded OS on the motherboard) to organize the non-physician staff, now you have a hospital capable of handling hundres of patients, if not thousands, instead of a few, mostly waiting lin the waiting room, like at a doctor's office, because the patients will be triaged, and seen by a nurse, and the doctor will have all the neccesary info on the patient (no more need for the doctor to take the patient's blood pressure, or any thing like that) and the doctor only has to make the final judgments as to what is to be done to help the patient. And a note on emedded systems: I am not talking about one that can open a GUI for a user and allow him to browse his emails, which I think is kind of pointless on a PC motherboard, not so much a hand-held, though. I am talking about one that might reside on one of the CPU cores and work to co-ordinate the efforts of the massively parallel  processor and the and the other CPU cores to present a mostly serial x86 environment to the OS (one that is perhaps thousands if not millions of times faster, to be measured in terrahertz, OR what INTEL is going to feel when they contemplate why they ignored all these other technologies)-- one that even Window$ can run on well, and wont require advanced application or even OS utilization of multicore technology, and everyone can be happy!!


Linux = the Future NOW!!


Ha Rotto il Gamer

hell, nvidia should buy via, give it more revinew,

also, it would help them get on their feet again and slam the door in intels face.

but that is just me.

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