Nvidia Offers Work-Around To Unlock Rage's Hi-Res Graphics



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well i dont have the best pair of eyes, but for the last couple of years ive been running and old 9800 GX2. I have had to turn off high res shadows for most really new games but other than that they look great. I dont think i even care for the particles that get in the way of the game so physics is not something i miss. I finally friend the 9800 GX2 and the awesome guys at EVGA sent me out a free GTX 280 as a replacement. Now , i am playing Dead Island and i have installed and previewed RAGE, and i have to say guys. . .both of the games look FANTASTIC. they are both at 1900 X 1200 with 4X AA and i just dont think my poor eyes can appreciate any more eye candy than that. I have not had a problem with rage but i only did the first few missions and i was so excited to be playing ID's game ( im a big old school Rocket Arena guy) that i wanted to save it for when i was done with Dead Island ( which i thought was going to be corny at first but turned out to be a freakin awesome game). Im getting older and i dont get to game for hours and hours like i used to. But i think we all know how gaming power goes back and forth from software to hardware. I think software is finally catching up again b/c honestly you dont need th bleeding edge card anymore if you dont have multiple 30inchers. I dont even think im going to get the 590 hydro copper as i had planned. Im going to go with the 570 and just let all the graphics set themselves automatically (except AA). does anyone else feel like all the added graphics lately are just fog and particles and black shadows ( that no one pays attention to in an aciton game) ?



I was going to wait for patches later on, but maybe I will go buy this now..



amazing, did ID ever bollux this one up,

it's been umm  > 5 years since I had to monkey with a config file and that was to get some mods and new map packs to work.

to do it just to get graphics to work correctly - poor design guys

right up there with having to keep rememebering to manually save all the time



No no no no remember its the CONSOLES fault that you have to mess with cfg files to get the game to work properly....oh wait

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