Nvidia Notebook GPUs Failing at "Abnormal" Rate



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Is this problem only effecting dell laptops with thermal pads instead of paste? on Nvidias web forums, all the people that i have found talking about graphical corruption due to overheating owned dell laptops. Are we sure that Nvidia is at fault for this? i find it hard to belive since they have been making video cards for a long time.



I bought my wife an HP dv6700t notebook with nvidia's 128MB 8400M GS card last fall for her schooling. If the card were to breakdown/catch fire/whatever, is there a link you can provide or a suggestion on where to go to resolve the issue as timely as possible?


Fanboys are annoying! I like to get the most performance per dollar possible and that's all there is to it. Why pay $600-800 for something now if it'll be $300 or less in 6-9 months? Doesn't make since. Just be patient.



Check HP's driver site for your notebook -- if Nvidia indeed has new drivers coming to correct the issue, they'll pop up there!



I was wondering why my laptop was getting extremely hot when i used it. Its only a 15.4" and  a nongamer notbook

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