Nvidia Leads in Discrete Desktop GPU Market Share, AMD in Notebook Graphics



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I was getting sour on NV for a while but I really love my pair of GTX 580's. They run absolutly anything I can throw at them, they are much quieter than the previous generation and cooler. I do wish they used a little less power however but smaller geometries will fix that in the future.

I do not dislike AMD in any way however (for graphics) and I always look at what is out there when I am upgrading or building new.



Owned gfx cards from both AMD and Nvidia.  Both offer great cards.  I currently love my 5870 that I have owned for over a year.  Great product for a good buy.  Keep that competiton going.



I'm quite happy with my new HD6970 and it was a better buy than then closest nVidia card.

Memories of my 8800GTX sour my taste for nVidia any more.



I recently just purchased a Saphire AMD 6950 and can't wait to fire it up in my new build. I was for many years an Nvidia guy because of ATI's crappy drivers notoriety but I have heard nothing but good stuff about Catalyst now so we'll see.

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