Nvidia Launches GeForce GTX 560 (non-TI)



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How just hope it brings down the price on the 460 because I'm in the market for another one to SLI but I'm kind of waiting for them to hit $150.



At their current price they are a joke. I can get 560 Ti for 20. This means about 10% more performance out of the box. The non-Ti 560 is a better overclocker than I expected, but Ti can push more from the OC and top it by 10% again (even though the MHz is the same).

Let's not forget that you can get a 6870 which is slightly better (negligible) for 10-20 less. I'm not sure how their overclock compares, but you could get a 6850 for around 150 and OC it to 6870/560 levels with relative ease.

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