Nvidia Jumps On The Miracast Wireless Display Standard Bandwagon With A Focus On Mobile Gaming



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This tech would be better used for multi-display functionality...

In the demo, the display is simply a mirror of the primary display, but what if you could stream as a 2nd display?

Think about it, open up your tablet, notepad, or ultra-thin, load up a movie onto the wireless display, send out a status update or check your messages on the local display, cool right?

Biggest concern is that the mobile device would have to be capable of rendering HD content on two displays, without any hit on performance, especially for a movie or such.

If the audio is bundled with the video signal, another great usage would be to stream music from your mobile onto a HTPC, and into a receiver for full stereo sound while at home, without requiring any physical connections.

Those would be my uses, mirroring a mobile display is nice, but limited.

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