Nvidia Hits Intel with Cartoon Sucker-punch



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Well I guess it's the only way they can get attention these days, since their hardware certainly isn't doing it....so very sad...



I guess someone else decided there was a problem with "Intel's Insides..."

It's not THAT funny, but I think that Intel & (even more so) Microsoft, are so dominant that they need to hold even more closely to ethics & standards. I'm basically saying that they Deserve to be roasted on their shoddier habits & practices.

I'd say the same thing, if there was a similar charge that could be made against both nVidia AND ATI, at the same time.

IMHO, it's about how much of the market share they have, and how many short-cuts & dirty tricks they've pulled to keep/grow that Share... but most especially the things that they won't Freely admit to doing; and/or put so much Spin on --that it comes out as Double-talk.

The site is funny enough, so I have no problem with it, as long as it's not libelous...

A website like this ---run by nVidia, is pretty ironic to me. I've heard NO mention of this kind of practice BY nVidia ----but I don't think We'd be too surprised, if it came out that They did this sort of thing too [or had done, at some time in the Past].

Nothing against nVidia ---as I still think the nForce2 chipset in my last motherboard was just about the best Ever! I'm also still using an nVidia vid-card, and I'm thrilled that they still have drivers for the old TNT series cards that various members of my family still use.



Seriously.....if you think these cartoons are funny than you are far beyond being a "geek" in the good way and are just a total "dork" in the bad way.



I never should have gone through them all. Very boring and not funny at all.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



The more they get slapped around in the press and judicial system the better.



Not for what the cartoon says or for defending Intel. Steve Lait is NEVER funny and I hoped to never see his lack of talent ever again after dropping the local paper. NVIDIA, at least get somebody good and make it funny. That's just lame. 



He must be the guy behind Mallard Fillmore; Intel's Insides is that bad (and I fancy myself as an AMD person).



not really a fan of nvidia, but that's epic.

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