Nvidia Hands Tesla Reins to Supercomputing Bigwig



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I hope they learned something from Fermi. Doing GPU for HPC is a great idea. Being late, hot, noisy, and a current hog is not. I’m not an AMD fanboy my last two systems where Nvidia based. Currently own three GTX 580. But they sound and feel like I have a hair dryer under the desk. Sure my graphic settings are on ultra, but I need noise canceling headphones to hear myself think, and my central air needs to be assisted with a large window unit in the office.


Keith E. Whisman

At first after reading the first few words I thought that Nvidia was giving control of its Tesla program to Conan O'Brian but then I looked closely and realised it was just a really close look-a-like twin. LOL!

Interesting article. Where I work right now I think I'm the only person that is not a big wig. All these fucking chiefs and me, the only indian. 

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