Nvidia GTX 660 Ti Rumored to Launch Mid-August



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I had been planning to buy a new rig at the end of August anyway so this might work out perfectly.

Originally my plan was to go with the 670, and maybe even purchase a second one down the road.

If the 660ti is pretty close to the same thing though, it might be just what I am looking for.



Looking forward to the days (in less than five years) when hardly anyone buys graphics cards anymore because the integrated graphics in the processor are so powerful that no one but the die hard gamers needs anything more than integrated graphics. Ivy Bridge is a big step up but can you imagine how great integrated graphics are going to be in 4 or 5 years?!




I don't see integrated graphics coming that far in only 5 years. The format of dedicated graphics may change, or a different style of integration for graphics maybe, as in not on the cpu, but Intel isn't anywhere near what is needed for most modern high detail games. AMD still beats them in that area, and even they aren't nearly enough. Time's are changing, and we're able to do more and more every 6 months even, but with that we're finding new ways to take advantage of that power. Short of a huge leap in power or a genuine breakthrough game changer, we'll be seeing discrete solutions as necessary for all above average applications.






The thing is 300.00 still isn't cheap!! I want to spring for a 670 gtx but I could buy three motherboards for that price.



I was a hardcore fan of NVIDIA with Hardcore gaming

but_since there stock of GTX 680 & 670 sucking alot in India ,
they left me no choice to choose one and they are all too much over priced in India GTX 690 > 1500 $ what the hell ?????

now I am happy with ATI 7970 crossfire OC turbo

bye bye NVIDIA u suck peoples time since Jan-March 2012

ATI is the best in price + lots of stock for crossfire setup



i was going to wait on a 660ti but decided to go ahead and order the gigabyte 670 windforce 3 instead. hopefully the rumors aren't accurate and it actually has fewer cores than the 670 although the memory width would ultimately hurt it but, i'm sure with a healthy overclock, it could easily hit 670 speeds



I'm in no hurry due to the cost of these cards, so I'll wait to see how reviews hold up for actual release specs. I have so far set myself on a 670, but if the 660ti holds up for cheaper... why not? It at least has to have all the benefits of current Keplar architecture and be able to beat my current 460GTX setup for value to the price. Otherwise, I'm fine waiting until tax returns next Feb.



I really hope the GTX 660 Ti doesnt have a CUDA core count of 1344 because that is the same as a 670!!


Brad Chacos

That's why I'm thinking it probably has 1152.



Wouldn't it be more plausible that there will be a Ti and a non Ti version of the 660 gtx?

It would make a lot of sense if the Ti was a 1344 core with 1.5 gddr5 built on gk104, and then a 660 gtx non-ti with 1152 cores, 1.5 gddr5 built on a different graphics core.

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