Nvidia GTX 660 Ti Detailed, Launch Date Leaked to the Web



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Just got a 670 GTX last week my eyes are breaking it in =)



Meh. You want a meaty card now, get a 7950 which will last a while, especially with recent price cuts and driver updates. Pump it up and it will close on a 7970, rendering the 660/70 rather pointless.



I'm not sure what planet you are from but a stock 670 outperforms the ghz 7970 in most games and it's $70 cheaper too. The 7970 leads in a few titles that favor amd. Metro 2033 and anon 2070 are the main titles that the 670 loses on.


Ghost XFX

Your thinking is flawed. Because unless Nvidia recently dipped the 670 into the below $400 range, the 7950 is the cheaper alternative, should you decide to bump up the stats a bit. Taking nothing away from the 670's abilities, if you do such with the 7950, it does render the 670 moot.

Of course, you can still do the same with the 670, but at some point, you won't gain very much afterwards in terms of performance. I've asked the knuckleheads at Tom's Hardware, and I'll ask the knuckleheads here as well: Overall, whats the difference between 100fps and 150 fps, and can a human tell the difference between them?? You take your 670 and bump up the specs, and do the same with the 7950, what would be the difference if your eyes are telling you basically the same thing? Even at max setting, I'm willing to bet the difference is nearly negligible at best.



So, with the cheapness of monitors at the moment, if you're okay with TN displays (that is, you aren't a color-fiend that needs IPS), you can get three 1080p TN displays for the price of roughly one IPS. That means that for gamers, productivity, and casual use, three displays is suddenly tempting.

Couple that with a 7950, and at 6 million pixels, you'll notice the difference between it and the 670.

So, sometimes you can see the difference.



Sign me up for one of these! Been waiting almost 3 months. Gaming on Intel's HD 4000 isn't as bad as I thought, but I can't wait to get some more graphics juice.



i was in the exact same boat as you but i couldn't wait another 1 1/2 months. i went ahead and opted for the gigabyte windforce 3 670. it's just as fast as the 680 and was $100 cheaper. i don't see this 660 being anywhere near the 680 without very huge overclocks

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