Nvidia GPUs Helping To Send Lunar X Team's Rover To The Moon



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Thank you Brad. With the introduction of Fermi, NVidia showed the path ahead as the chip was designed to do massive parallel computing while happening to act as a decent graphics card. With the sale of GPU chips in the thousands to build supercomputers, this is not a trivial market.
AMD this year has made it a priority to include the capabilities of massive compute cores to their GPUs to compete.
And before anyone asks, NVidia has not yet released their Kepler compute core for this generation. That won't be until August, although they may already be selling them to the super computer market...
Brad, do you really expect all these young readers to know who Alice is and why she needs to go to the moon? LOL.



I do agree with the high end super computing is the future for high end graphics, but I don't agree with AMD being left out of the low end. With their APU's they are the one to go with if you want a low end PC that can get better graphics in a game.


Brad Chacos

Ah, yes, I totally agree. I meant low-end discrete graphics could be going buh-bye (for the most part) one day. I changed the wording a round a bit to make things more clear.

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