NVIDIA GPU Class-Action Suit Settlement Reaches Claim-Filing Stage



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Staples is a registered HP partner and a prefered repair center for HP warranty so I don't see you having a problem getting the unit serviced or replaced under this settlement. Pretty sure the page also asks if you have ever paid to have the unit repaired at your expense. Seeing as you paid for the warranty, this still counts as "your expense".



So are they going to replace my laptop with the same exact model or are they going to give me a new laptop with a non affected part? Also as I have had the mother board replaced 2 times already via thestaples repair plan that I purchased with my laptop. Am I eligible for reimbursement at all? 


Edit: Grr I'm going to be losing 2 inches of screen real estate going form a dv9410us to a CQ50... But I guess the hardware makes up for it a little bit... 

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