Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 Boards Pictured and Priced



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They are going for $999.00NZD here what a rip off



More like 15% faster when compared to GTX 480 according to TechPowerUp...



Keith E. Whisman

Someone recently made a statement about the GTX580 being vapor ware. That picture sure doesn't look like vapor ware. Perhaps this is just the same GTX480 chip but with all it's stream processors enabled. Remember how the GTX 480 has some stream processors disabled, well this is why. It's the same card with a shiny new cooling solution and some more features enabled. I wonder if it will be possible to take the firmware from a GTX580 and install it on a GTX480 to gain all the GTX580 features.



I just bought my GTX 470 the other day.  I think I'll sell it on eBay to get my hands on a GTX580!  Yeah Baby!



The new amd cards that came out are their mid range cards so they are slower than the old higher end models. This Nvidia card should be faster than the GTX 480... if it doesn't melt your power supply

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