Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Details Leaked to the Web



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I was just about to get 2 GTX 470 to go SLI but everytime i try to make my mind up a new freakin card comes around the corner !!!  >=| .....Guess i'll be looking at getting GTX 570 and that's if nvidia doesnt magically pops another card out their ass..



Same here.. Its just impossible to'lock-in' on what we want because they kept coming out with newer cards at such a fast rate..... so I'm still stuck on my GTX 260 -896MB !!!

BUT.. I am eye-ing on GTX480 !!  They've significantly dropped the price for GTX460 (now its less than $200). I wish they would drop the price on GTX480 also !!!!!






It seems like as soon as I buy a graphics card, or get ready to buy a newer model, they come out with yet another expensive model. The 400 series was just released not even a mere few months ago and now the 500 series. And it is a known fact very few if any games truly support the extended features and graphics updates these cards can produce!!!! I think they ought to wait until at least 100 PC games are made that support the faster cards and then I would consider forking over 500 bucks for a new one!


Fecal Face

Hmm, maybe I won't get two 470's and just get two of these instead.. muhahaha


Keith E. Whisman

looking at the numbers the performance should be like that of a GTX480, this maybe the card to have for SLI. If it's cheaper than a GTX480 that is. 


Peanut Fox

They don't have a lot of room to play with price, the 580 is sitting at 520ish American, the 480 is at around 480.  


A pair of these in SLI with some full coverage water blocks could be in my next system if the price is right. 

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