Nvidia GeForce Experience Beta Now Available to the Public



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On the plus side there are some interesting AA suggestions it's making for my setup, however on the down-side it wants me to turn stuff down in CoD:MW3 & BF3 when it runs fine on my 560Ti SLi; it also wants me to enable the usually horrible motion blur in CS:GO; and as for Far Cry 3, I found it to be recommending settings across the board that are way lower than what I run it at (and I'm getting 55-60 FPS).
It also didn't find my junctions/hard-links to the root of my SSD though it's easy enough to add them manually.



It's a bunch of crap. I have TWO GeForce GTX 570 in SLI with latest drivers and the current settings do not show after running Far Cry 3. And on top of that, I run the game at ultra settings with no problem while the "optimal" settings that NVIDIA recommends are much lower and do not make a difference. Whatever.



Learn to use your Brain Moron!

GeForce Experience Frequently Asked Question

Are optimal settings supported for SLI configurations?

A: GeForce Experience optimal settings are currently based on single GPU.



That is why it is still called BETA. I think I manage my game setting pretty well (running SLI GTX 670 in 5760x1080) but it would still be nice if I wouldn't have to find the optimal settings for each game I install on my PC. My main concern right now is that this program obviously doesn't recognize 5760x1080 resolution and keeps recommending me 1366x768 resolution and through that changing everything else to ultra.

But I keep my hopes up and can see potential in it. If not for anything else I can see what aspects should different settings affect (sample pictures of game) and it notifies my when new drivers come out.



This is exactly what I was concerned about. I'll give it a shot anyhow, but I hold out even less hope than before. This really seems like it should work relatively perfect...yet it obviously doesn't. And I would really hope it's taking more into account than just the GPU and CPU....



I gave it a try when it was in closed beta. It didn't support many of the games I had, but for the ones it did, including battlefield 3, it did a really nice job picking settings. I'm pretty they use the framerate data from their testing, and your card, to pick the settings. So it's handpicked. Seems like a great idea.



I really hope it's taking more into account than just their FPS data and the GPU, as the the CPU and RAM are also crucial components. Heck, even the type of HDD/SSD can make a difference in performance.



Steam has been collecting hardware surveys since forever, and they know who has what games installed. There is a huge opportunity for cooperation and collaboration here.



Now if only amd came out with something similar...



I think the idea sounds wonderful. However, if it's just as stupid at figuring out the best settings for my system as nearly every game is, then I'll pass. Almost every game does me the "favor" of pre-configuring my settings allegedly based on my hardware, yet every time I just go ahead and amp everything up to max and rarely ever have a hiccup in framerates or other such performance issues.
So yeah...I hope this actually works as advertised....



The reason this software was created is for the reason you state, because games don't know how to do it. Plus what if you have a GPU that didn't exist when the game was created? Either way, it should be much more accurate. Try it out and see what you think. 



Yup, I like to think I'm a pretty savvy PC gamer - been doing it for 30 years after all and dig deep into settings on every game.

So I'm going to download this and check it out. See what - if any - settings it recommends compared to what I've already set up. If it's consistent at all, it'll be nice to have this tool available to click on a button to pre-set everything and then get on with gaming instead of tinkering with settings for 20 minutes.



Sound cool. :)

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