Nvidia to Finally Deliver Multi-Monitor SLI Support in September?



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i would like to know more about the significance of Hardware Video transcoding. can anyone comment?

also, can someone in the maxpc labs throw us a bone a tell us if you have plans on testing the nvidia GPU's physx capabilities? 



I would suggest that the GPU PhysX support may be more than just a pop.



Depends on developer support and how well it gets utilized.



Obviously good news to all of us that are running NVidia SLI, but I'm gonna hold my applause until I see for sure that the new multi-monitor SLI support extends to cards older than the 8xxx series.  I'm still rocking with my 7950GX2, and some of the latest forceware releases haven't been as friendly to non-dx10 cards.

What would be REALLY great is to see some games come out that take true advantage of multi-monitor SLI...I'd love to have my main game screen on one monitor, and maps/menus/inventory/etc displayed on the second one :)



Some games do take advantage of Multi-monitor setups. Bioshock and Sins of a Solar Empire both natively support ultra-wide resolutions for two and three monitor setups. But you're right, I wish developers would add more support for these setups. Back in the days when I was a hardcore WoW player (last year), I used to run WoW windowed in one monitor and have WoWwiki maps and Ventrilo and such open in the other and I thought that was great lol.

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