Nvidia Expands PhysX Support with New Certified Drivers



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You need SLI (two cards) or higher for PhysX to work properly. One card for graphics rendering and the other for PhysX, therefore freeing the CPU. The list of games that support PhysX is at Nvidias web site.



Two cards are ideal, but not required to run. When it's working, the physX works just fine on one card. Warmonger plays real smooth on my 8800GT. I will say this though, this means that old videocards won't become obsolete anymore :)



The PhysX does not stay turned on for very long for me. I turn on a couple demos, it runs fine. Then I go to play Warmonger, still running fine. I then go back into one of the tech demo's such as Fluids, and NOW it runs in software mode! When you try to switch it back, you cannot. I went back into Warmonger, and now it runs slow because the CPU is trying to process physics when the GPU is supposed to be doing this via PhysX. The only way to remedy this of course is to do a re-start. This is very annoying though to have to restart the computer every time you want to play warmonger (or any other game that uses PhysX for that matter) = \

This problem has been around since the 177 beta drivers. I was hoping it was just a beta problem, but this is not the case. It is in the final revision as well! I talked to some people on the nVidia forums, and I am not the only one who has had this problem.

My stats are this:

CPU: 3.0GHz Pentium D
GPU: Geforce 8800GT
RAM: 2GB 667DDR2
OS: Windows XP Pro x64

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