Nvidia Exiting Chipset Business? Nope, Not True!



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Keith E. Whisman

Well I believe Nvidia. Nvidia's problem with the mobile chips had a drastic and immediate affect on Nvidia's stock prices. It seams to me that when the stock prices fall so quickly due in the most part from news stories and articles then this means the value of the stocks will again shortly return to their earlier level. This is merely stock devaluation out of fear. To me it seams artificial since it's based on fears alone. Sure it'll cost money to fix the problems but that is what insurence is for.

I imagine Nvidia's rivals both in the industry and the stock market are working diligently producing false stories and baseless accusations to keep the fears up. All Nvidia has to do is keep doing what it has always done and fix the problems with the chips and the fears with subside and the stock prices will stabelize close to the orriginal levels.

Nvidia makes money hand over fist by producing top notch chipsets and GPU's. It's their thing you know? Anyhow don't be so quick to believe anything unless it's official from Nvidia.

Now this is my statement. Nobody needs to be an asshole and take my statement appart and try to prove me wrong. Fuck you in advance if you do take my statement and try to make me look stupid. You know who you are.



And in other news from another reliable source. It appears Foxconn, Gigabyte, and DFI have pulled their Nvidia 790i boards as well.  This is the end for Nvidia, the world is collapsing around them while AMD sits on a raft out on the water waiting for the destruction of Nvidia to be complete. /end sarcasm


 Edit: Did Gigabyte ever even release a 7x0i board?

Edit #2: Here is a interesting read http://www.custompc.co.uk/news/604554/foxconn-drops-nforce-790i-saying-chipset-is-unreliable.html



Lol @ jcollins.


Seriously, though...  Just how unfounded could DigiTimes have been?  Usually these sorts of things turn out to be wrong, but often end up being a hyper-extension of something else related to it...  Like maybe nVidia is looking to get out of a certain line of chipsets, something along that premise?  Who knows...  nVidia may be denying it, but Bill Clinton was pretty sure he didn't have sexual relations with that woman too...

I'll wait a while before I start making relief sighs, anyway.



Maybe they are thinking about getting out the mobile GPU market, after the issues with the 8400/8600 GPU.



Yeah, they're pretty solid in denying the rumor.   So now I fully expect the news release next week saying Nvidia's getting out of the chipset business... lol...

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