Nvidia Discusses DirectX in Windows 7



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@Gailim: So by "new universal standard" I'm guessing you mean just on windows, and just by cards that support something like cuda or stream?  Pretty sure DX compute is gonna have a fair amount of competition with openCL being supported by all the big players already for a while now, on EVERY platform.  (meaning, every OS, and every device including cell phones and desktops alike...).  Yeah, openCL doesn't get any press, but be sure, there are plenty things in the works for it(OSX snow leopard to name one).

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Can the GPU processing be used for real-time applications?  Applications like real-time machine vision and image processing will always be bound to the CPU if the memory in the video card is still a lot slower to read from than it is to write to.  Anybody actually know what the story is with the memory?



they have spent years promoting CUDA, and this new protocol is essentially the nail in the coffin for it. on the one hand it's great because GPGPU is going to have a chance at the mainstream, but on the other hand DX compute works equally well with ATI cards, whereas CUDA was nvidia's baby. I think on the whole it will help more than hurt them, (video cards will be viewed as more essential in the future) but it must hurt a little to see this new universal standard supplant thier internal one



Not quite, CUDA = Compute Unified Device Architecture.  It doesn't matter if your using DX Compute or openCL on a nvidia card you will still be using CUDA.  Your confusing 'C for CUDA' with CUDA.  Niether openCL nor DX Compute spell the end to CUDA as it is required to use either of them on a nvidia card.

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