Nvidia Details Kal-El's Hitherto Secret Fifth Core



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It's the best of the companions...  Doctor Who reference.



The Doctor is my hero!



I hope I don't have to euthanize my companion core :(


Citizen Snips


Marketing hogwash.

The 5th core is just a clocked down version of the *exact same* core used in the other four. Anyone can just clock a core down, migrate the processes, and sleep the other cores.

In fact, if you read the paper, it says the 500 MHz core *cannot be on at the same time as the other four.* And because the 5th core is just a 500 MHz version of the other 4, the 5th core doesn't even need to exist.

Why don't they just release a quad core, and instead of waking and resting a 5th core, just use core 0 as the 'companion core,' and shut down the other three. This would give you the exact same result as using 5, except for the fact that your marketing team can't throw buzz words around like 5-core and companion-core. Also you might save some power because you now wouldn't have to context switch 1/4 of your processing power, it'd already be there.

Really, the only interesting thing that's come out of this is the scheduler.


" special low power silicon process that executes tasks at low frequency for active standby mode, music playback, and even video playback "

If you look at the picture and read the paper it's exactly the same silicone (Cortex A9), just clocked to 500 MHz.

They basically threw a 5th core on just to say they did, it does nothing anything the other 4 couldn't.

Marketing hogwash.





Awesome, but I'm still using a nokia 2730 classic lol

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