Nvidia Clues Us In On When "It's Coming"



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what brad said, logic says its probably 670 ti
still id rather see a 685 rather than a 690 or 670



The trouble with acquiring the newest latest, of course, is that in order to take full advantage of a new video card, one must also purchase a new motherboard, which probably means new memory and, likely, a new CPU.

I'm not complaining, exactly, but it sure was easier in the 90s. Back then, everything was PCI, SIMMs, and socket 4 or 5.

[Pre-emptive retort section]

Don't misunderstand, I love the freedom to mix & match the wide wide variety of modern-day videocards, memory, and CPUs to get a customized rig.

I'm just saying: back then it was simpler. I'm also not saying today is difficult, just that it was simpler back then. Capice?

And no, I do not prefer getting a console to game with. I'm a loyal PC gamer, thanks. I don't even own a console.

I really am only saying that it was easier in the 90s.



It's a new video card!

See, I'm psychic. Or is that psychotic? I'm always confusing the two...



These cards are going to be hard to find for the next two months even if this is what they are offering.



just how many zeros does a gajillion have? and will Nvidia accept Monopoly money?



Duh! A gajillion is 1 with, like, a gajillion zeros after it!






My HD5870 is still going strong, running almost anything at max settings. I don't see the need for a more powerful GPU as long as 95% of all AAA games are ported from a console system with 7 year old GPU tech.
I'll be interested to see the benchmarks of this beast though.



I agree. Perhaps it is just that the games I like seem to be P C ports or in the case of The Witcher 2, when they ported it to the console they broke the ability to use Surround/Eyfinity without a hack.
My pair of GTX 580's handle anything at max settings so why should I spring over a grand for a new GPU set up. If we were getting a good stream of written for P C games that take advantage of good hardware instead of ancient consoles I would be more willing to do so.
SKYRIM being a port from console not supporting wide screen gaming (where Oblivion did) took away my disire to constantly upgrade.



I tend to agree, console limitations and making PC "ports" put a damper on what we can see on the PC. However, some of the game makers aren't making their PC versions ports; they are making PC versions capable of utilizing PC graphics fully. (Most of the games I play are made for the PC to begin with, I would disagree that "95% of AAA games" are ports.)

Borderlands 2 is a prime example. BL1 was ported (and it showed), but BLT for the PC is being built for the PC.




Well, you can disagree all you want, of course, but the facts speak for themselves. As far as BL2, we'll see.

Many developers have made many claims about their game being built/optimized for the PC, and we ultimately find a compromised build of some sort. BF3 being a glaringly prime example.



Hurry the hell up. I want a GTX 670 and HD 7800 series didn't change that.



I'm really hoping its the 670...I want those AMD 7800s to drop in price.

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