Nvidia at CES 2013: Project Shield Console, Tegra 4, and Onlive Style Cloud Gaming



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Laptop Adapters...

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I am somewhat conflicted when it comes to Project Shield. It's an awesome and innovative device that has a chance to do something really great. On the other hand "smaller", open-source products like Ouya, which have a lot of potential, could end up going by the wayside in favor of Nvidia's more polished and mobile product. It's somewhat tragic, but at the same time exciting. Aw well, I'll probably still get both! Thanks for the article!



My Transformer Prime tablet came with an app for streaming my computer screen to my tablet. It wasn't a perfect setup, but any game that ran in windowed mode, I was able to play across my network at an acceptable framerate and lag, so I'm pretty excited to see how Project Shield fares. One problem, however, is that I run AMD cards...



Same here (currently). Sadly thats not one problem, its a big problem.



I run AMD cards, too, but I can still play games with PhisX due to a third nvidia card and hacked drivers. I believe we will probably see some kind of hack solution in the near future.



+3 (1 for each of yal ha)

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