Nvidia CEO Grumpy, Yet Optimistic About Honeycomb Tablets



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Jen is grumpy. New on Max PC: the sky is blue.


Seriously, every article I've ever read about this guy he is bitching about something.



I don't see what the big deal is over the iPad. My $200 Nook Color does everything I need it to and then some. I see all of my coworkers buying an iPad to get their work email (really?) and play Angry Birds. Talk about throwing money in the trash and setting it on fire.



I admit, the $600 I paid is WAY too much for something that doesnt have an Apple logo on it.

I also think a big reason for the slow selling is most people simply have no idea that anything other than the iPad exists. I constantly have to explain to people what my Xoom is. 


Holly Golightly

Interesting! I will admit, I too, find these Android Tablet prices to be a little bit on the insane side. Especially for the fully equiped Xoom. The Apple equivilant is also too expensive in my opinion. I would like to get the BlackBerry PlayBook... But I am saving up for a good old fashioned hardcore gamer's desktop. So I am not sure. It is a shame these corporate executives do not know what to do with an iPad. The truth is, it does less than a PC would. Can you imagine typing a 30 page legal document on a touch screen?

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