Nvidia CEO: $299 Tegra 3 Tablet to Become Reality in Six Months



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too many vendors putting out too many tablets.  No one knows if what they're getting without extensive research.  Same reason so many people end up eating at McDonalds.  

That's not a knock at Apple saying Apple is as bad for you as McDonalds just saying with Apple you know exactly what your getting.  A good solid tablet that's the benchmark for all others.



Jesus Christ Max PC can you do something about all the spam?



We try - when we crank up the captcha then legit commenters have issues trying to post (even with where it's set now, we receive A LOT of complaints about the captcha). When we relax the captcha, we're just over run with spam. I'm working with our web team to try to institute a spam report system, but since they're responsible for multiple websites, they've got a pretty sizeable to-do list. Which means in the meantime, it's just me manually deleting spam as quick as I can.



Why not adopt a commenting system similar to that of Gizmodo (and their sites), where you have to be an approved commenter before your posts show up or something? Or "hire" some of us on a volunteer basis to help moderate the comments, banning/deleting accounts that are spamming, etc.

Most forums have a team of volunteers that moderate for the staff. Heck, lock down account registrations in the meantime.



no kidding, its getting kinda out of hand



And the websites that they're peddling are really quite bland.





Well thats fine and dandy, but what he is forgetting is asking why the iPad is so successful at a premium price. Lets face a solid facts here;

First tablets are no way shape or form "Max PC" hardware! Tablets are an extention of all those OEM PCs from Dell, Acer, Gateways.... that are sold in mass at all those big box retailers.

These devices don't center around the hardware, but by the user experience, and that comes down to the software. If an Android device is going to dethrone the iPad it's not going to be because of the hardware. This fact is the reason why you can't count Windows 8 out.


Holly Golightly

Wow, this is something I am really looking forward to. Power at a reasonable price. I hate Best Buy... But it is really the only way to get your product out there. Heck, they even sell iPads at Best Buy. You want a successful product? Reach out the the consumer. Things like price, performance and specs are very important, and in that order to many people.

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