Nvidia Announces Ion Platform for Netbooks



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I don't think that this platform will offer being able to play modern games like COD4. Who would even want to play a game like that on such a small screen?? It will help for th casual gaming market, as it can play online games like Quake Live, etc.


Should be interesting to see if it holds up to the standard that they are saying will happen.


Keith E. Whisman

Ah hem..... It's still got an Atom processor so your going to be waiting extended periods of time waiting for the levels to be decompressed and loaded into memory just to play COD4.

The only thing that would make Atom a good processor is if there were a great many cores packed into the processor with an instruction set designed to take code and parse it out to all the available cores to make this snail of a processor even appear slightly fast. I guess if it were able to do that it would be pretty fast. 



I don't think i'll be playing Call of Duty on one, but if I can run Windows 7 with all the Aero goodness turned on full, that makes it worth $50 bucks to me.



As the owner of a netbook, and I know netbook owners get flamed on these boards, I understand its purpose. I surf the net, write documents, send/check e-mails, and tinker with the device with all of my geeky ideas. It is not a gaming rig (although playing StarCraft on it is a lot of fun) The best thing of all, I do all of these things on a 4 hour battery...

There are too many drawbacks for me to be excited about this development:

1. Heat
2. Lower battery life
3. Increased cost
4. Increased chassis size (to accommodate for new tech, cooling) a change which will inevitably turn a “netbook” into a run of the mill “laptop.”







By using the Intel Atom base the size of chassis and such wouldn't change it would still be a netbook when it comes to size. But like you stated. One could expect a lower battery life and more than likely higher heat production from the integrated graphics chip. Should be interesting on the price of a netbook with these type of specs.



i feel the exact say way. i mean Why? These are low power NETBOOKS for use in light tasks. I mean they sell Netbooks at 12 inches now...


MY 2.10 duel core LAPTOP is 12 inches....



Good thing netbooks will be able to play full HD video on those little non-HD 1024x600 screens.  I guess you can connect an external monitor, but it's misleading for them to advertise HD capable graphics on netbooks to customers this way.

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