Nvidia and Asus Tag Team Tegra 3 Launch



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Keith E. Whisman

Anyone interested in an ever so slightly used Acer Iconia Tab A500? It's obsolete but a real steal for the first person with $900 dollars.

Really want an Asus now. Gotta have that Tegra 3. 


Any idea about when it's going to be available and for what price? $300 would be awesome especially for this holiday season. Remember this is effectively a netbook without the book. 

Also does it come with ICS Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled?



I'm sure the Transformer Prime will be quite exspensive and this will be what will hinder it's success.



I'm not normally a fan of nVidia products. But the Tegra3 processor sounds pretty awesome. My Eee Pad Transformer might have some sort of break soon, resulting in being replaced with a Transformer Prime!

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