Nvidia 600M GPUs, New Asetek Liquid Cooling Tech Look To Level Up Laptop Gaming



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jogos da barbie



Brilliant, it's not the like low end will be making such great strides forward without the flagships like this illustrating proof of concept. Air has limits, especially when rammed into form factors obstructing flow like a table or lap accentuates which is why Porsche's and Beetles adapted to liquid, en vogue realities rather than grasping it's archaic (netbook) roots.

Bravo Asus, the heat toasting my thighs is lessened already.



What the hell are you doing being irresponsible like this and letting your niece be anywhere near your ~$2K-$3K laptop?? By the sounds of it, a Panasonic Toughbook might not last a week in your household.



How will the liquid cooling stand up to being pulled off my desk by my niece and routinely crushed under 20 lbs of books in my backpack at school?



it looks like they are using metal pipes instead of tubing, so assuming you don't routinely crack your heat pipes in half in your laptop when she pulls it off the desk or crush it under books i think you'll be okay.

The biggest point of failure i can see is the pump...

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