Nvidia 304.48 Beta Drivers Boost Performance and Stamp Out Annoying GTX 600-Series Bugs



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The NVIDIA 304.48 beta fails at install for MSI GT60 & GT70 (and likely other laptops using 670/675/680m GPUs.)

If you have a GTX 670m once you try and install the drivers, you can do the following to get them to install:

Go to the folder the drivers were extracted to (by default that is

There are multiple .INF files; open NVMI.INF

Add three lines in the appropriate sections to make it work on the MSI GT60/70

%NVIDIA_DEV.1213.10CB.1462% = Section028, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1213&SUBSYS_10CB1462

%NVIDIA_DEV.1213.10CB.1462% = Section029, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1213&SUBSYS_10CB1462

NVIDIA_DEV.1213.10CB.1462 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M"

Optimus appears to be working; I have my preferred GPU set as integrated graphics and the LED generally remains white unless I'm playing a game.


John Pombrio

Geez, I finally got my NVidia GTX 680 to run on the Win8 drivers. Now what do I do?
Looks up the release notes on the NVidia Win8 RP drivers. The only thing it seems to change is a couple of things. Off to the Win7 Beta driver for me!


Number Six

Still do not see a reason for GTX 680 owners to upgrade the driver if all you play is BF3 and you have no micro-stutter issues. :(



Peanut Fox

I couldn't see a reason to spend 500 bucks on a single card to just play one game. But to each his own :P

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